SLRWH “Dugong Bigay, Dugtong Buhay”  Mass Blood Donation 2018

The San Lorenzo Ruiz Women’s Hospital in partnership with Valenzuela Medical Center has previously conducted another Mass Blood Donation Event carrying the National Voluntary Blood Services Program’s (NVBSP) theme “Dugong Bigay, Dugtong Buhay” on September 21, 2018. This is to support the campaign of Department of Health on intensifying the advocacy for voluntary blood donation and to save more lives.

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Every day blood is needed for patients with blood disorders, disease complications, disasters and critical emergencies. The Philippine is one of the fastest growing population in South East Asia and associated with this is the increase in demand of blood supply. One blood donor can give 450 to 470 ml of blood that can save three lives. The SLRWH is routinely conducting Mass Blood Donation Event every 3 to 4 months and per event the blood donors are only ranging from 30 to 40 individual which is very low compared to the number of people that needs blood transfusion specially for a SLRWH that primarily caters women patients such as high risk pregnant and those who will undergo a major surgery.  The goal is to collect 1 million units of blood annually but the actual number of donated blood in 2016 is only at 930,000 and that is why the promotion on importance and benefits of blood donation to the public is very significant.

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