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Boosting SLRWH Service using ICT Innovations

Recently, the Knowledge Management and Information Technology Service (KMITS) of the Department of Health undertook another milestone of Health Information and Communication (HICT) Updates and Web Users Conference wherein around 150 personnel and staff from different regional offices, hospitals and attached agencies came together to participate. The event was held last May 11 - 15, 2015 at Cebu Bayfront Hotel, Cebu City. Mr. Emerson Angeles of San Lorenzo Ruiz Women’s Hospital - Integrated Hospital Operations and Management Program (IHOMP) Unit took part of that said event.

Topics regarding enhancement of website, latest ICT Solutions and introduction of new health related registries were discussed in the conference. Public Health Information Exchange (PHIE), National Health Data Dictionary (NHDD), and the projects of iGov Philippines were also tackled. The event gave way also to the launching of National Health Facility Registry (NHFR), introduction of DOH’s social media sites and presentation of the department’s newly enhanced intranet.

With the latest innovations presented, SLRWH, together with DOH, visions to enhance more, promoting its health programs and services. Tapping the World Wide Web is one way of SLRWH’s commitment in providing continuous improvement in coping with its clients’ changing needs.