To provide equal accessibility to all clients of San Lorenzo Ruiz Women's Hospital and in considerations of Persons differentially abled, we are providing the following shortcut keys:

For CHROME - WINDOWS Browser Users, use the following:

ALT+0 = Accessibility Statement Page

ALT+1 = Home Page

ALT+R = Main Content

ALT+5 = Frequency-Ask-Questions (FAQ) Page

ALT+C = Contact Us Page

ALT+K = Feedback and Suggestions Page

ALT+M = Site Map

ALT+S = Search Page


For FIREFOX, INTERNET EXPLORER AND CHROME - LINUX Browser Users, use the following:

ALT+SHIFT+0 = Accessibility Statement Page

ALT+SHIFT+1 = Home Page

ALT+SHIFT+R = Main Content

ALT+SHIFT+5 = Frequency-Ask-Questions (FAQ) Page

ALT+SHIFT+C = Contact Us Page

ALT+SHIFT+K = Feedback and Suggestions Page

ALT+SHIFT+M = Site Map

ALT+SHIFT+S = Search Page


Or Click the small pink widget arrow at the right of this webpage.


General Web Site Layout

The website follows a 7-row format all throughout its webages.

The 1st row contains the following menus:

  • Home
  • Transparency
  • Program and Services
  • Contact Us
  • Accessibility Statement
  • Skip to Content
  • Search Box

The 2nd row contains the an image of the agency's logo and masthead.

The 3rd row shows the hospital image slider.

The 4th row contains the following menus:

  • About SLRWH
  • Events and Activities
  • Patient's Corner
  • Citizen's Charters
  • Rates and Fees
  • Directories
  • Opportunities
  • Related Links
  • Frequency-Ask-Questions (FAQ)

The 5th row is divided into three columns, with the following content:

  • The 1st column contains the Philippine Standard Time (PST) Widget, Weather Widget and SLRWH Calendar of Activities .
  • The 2nd column is the main content container. It will show content depending on the links clicked.
  • The 3rd column contains the Transparency Seal and SLRWH's Log-in Box

The 6th row represents the Site Map of the Hospital's web page. It is also divided in three columns, that contain the following:

  • The 1st Column contains a short description of San Lorenzo Ruiz Women's Hospital.
  • The 2nd Column contains the following links about SLRWH:
    • SLRWH Quality Policy
    • SLRWH Vision
    • SLRWH Mission
    • SLRWH Core Values
    • SLRWH Performance Pledge
    • SLRWH Organizational Chart
    • SLRWH Mandate and Functions
    • SLRWH Key Officials
    • SLRWH Citizen's Charters
  • The 3rd Column contains the following links about SLRWH compliance to the Transparency Seal:
    • Statement of Allotment, Obligation and Balances
    • Report of Income
    • Disbursement Report
    • Physical Plan
    • Financial Report of Operation
    • Financial Accountability Report
    • Approved Budget
    • Corresponding Targets
    • Major Programs and Projects
    • Accomplishment Reports
    • Contact Us
    • Hospital Directory
    • Feedback / Suggestions
    • Location Map

The 7th row contains the Standard Footer required for all Philippine government websites.